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Middle Earth Patagonia is a local trekking and tour operator based in the city of Puerto Natales in the heart of Chilean Patagonia. It's a team made up of passionate, knowledgeable and energetic guides who are thrilled to share the marvels of Patagonia to every outdoor and travel lover.

The idea was naturally born from the mutual love and passion that we share for The Lord of the Rings saga and the raw and inspiring beauty of these lands at the end of the world.

Since 2013 we have been working as trekking guides and tour leaders in Torres del Paine National Park and the neighbouring Argentinian Patagonia.

Our itineraries and programs include multiday world-famous Torres del Paine W Trek and Torres del Paine O Circuit, as well as photographic, horseback riding and kayaking activities.

Come and Explore with us this vast and pristine territory!

Hiking Torres del Paine

Treks in Patagonia

MultiDay Kayak Tours

Horseback Riding

Photographic Tours

Our Most Requested Hiking Tours
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Torres del Paine, CHILE

5 Days

From 1850 USD
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Livello 1.png

Torres del Paine, CHILE


3 Days

From 1150 USD
DSCN8096 (Copia).jpg
Livello 3.png
From 2150 USD

7 Days

Torres del Paine, CHILE


Torres del Paine, CHILE

5 Days

From 1250 USD
Patagonia Destinations

Patagonia is the geographical area located at the Southern most tip of South America, shared by Chile and Argentina. Due to its remoteness and isolation it has preserved its pristine environment and wildlife through the centuries. Patagonia gets its name after the original indigenous tribes who were said to leave big footprints on the soil and were thus baptized by the first European explorers "Patagones"; whether this is a legend or not the term remained and thus the original toponym. While Argentine Patagonia is characterized by the arid and wind swept Patagonian Steppe; the Chilean Patagonia is somehow more whimsical, a maze of fjords and channels with one of the highest precipitation rate of the planet. Dividing the two countries the mighty Patagonian Andes carved by the Northern and Southern Patagonian Ice Fields.

Reviews from our Guests
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Emily and Sam


Cass and James Moore.jpg
Cass and James


Pelin has an immense knowledge of the area she has made her home, and a huge passion to share it. Her knowledge shared on the flora, the geology, the clouds, the fauna, local history as well as the mountains and lakes is incredible. We were invited to feel like we were really a part of the area with an inside local’s view as opposed to simply being tourists enjoying the scenery. Thank you Pelin, we can’t wait to visit your beautiful backyard with you again soon.

Karen and Howard.JPG
Martin, Karen and Howard

DC, United States

Pelin exceeded all our expectations, and did so much more. She made the trip easy by handling all the logistics, she made it much more rewarding through her knowledge of the trek and her obvious love of Patagonia, and she made it fun through her wit and conversational breadth. If you enjoy learning about the landscape as move through it, the people who live and work in Patagonia, and larger socioeconomic events impacting the region, you'll love trekking with Pelin.

We did the Circuit-O with Marco in February 2020 at the end of a 6 month adventure across North America. Without a doubt it was the highlight of our trip. Hiking through the most stunning landscapes that get better and better each day, to chatting away the day with our fantastic guide Marco and having a picnic lunch next to one of the biggest glaciers in the world, followed by a well-deserved beer and game of cards at night. t is an experience not to be missed. 

Not all those who wander are lost

J.R.R. Tolkien



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Horse Riding



There and Back Again
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